Sonny Puzikas’s 2012 Systema Seminar in Sydney

This Seminar was held on 8&9 December 2012

-Knife Work (Surviving the Blade)
-Combative Groundwork
-The Psychology of Violence

Some information about Sonny:
Mr. Puzikas is a highly skilled operator gaining his experience from the special purpose unit (Spetsnaz) in USSR MVD. He has received extensive specialized training in small unit special tactics, urban and mountainous terrain warfare, crowd/ riot control, small arms (domestic and foreign), demolitions, survival in hostile environment and CQB. Extensive training on subject of physical security of top level military nuclear installations and specialized instructor course on subject of terrorism and anti-terrorism. Participated in several special operations.

Sonny was born and raised in former Soviet Union. His Formal training started in 1977 with Sonny training in Judo. From 1980 through 1985 Sonny studied Kiokushinkai formally, Sambo, Muai Thai and boxing in informal “basement” settings. Notable in Soviet Union instructors were his guides, including 2 USSR champions in full contact Karate and assistant coach for Soviet Olympic Judo team.

Sonny entered military service in late 1980’s and after the basic training was chosen for service in special purpose unit of Soviet MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). The reality of violence was exposed from a very different perspective with many revelations and learning experiences coming not only from very intense and brutal training regiment, but also from operational deployments to central Asia and Caucasus regions with his Spetsnaz unit, as well as work in some correctional institutions in Siberia and Far East. Extensive interaction with personnel from special purpose units from KGB, GRU and other entities provided opportunities to learn and polish new skills in areas of armed and unarmed combat, tactics and field craft, fighting methods based on native Russian combat arts. After the military service Sonny traveled extensively throughout Russia and Middle East providing protective services.

Because of unique combination of skills and experience, Sonny became very highly sought after authority in the areas of rifle fighting skills, unarmed combat and field craft. He was featured in numerous publications, TV programs and a recent Discovery Channel special.

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