Friends of the School Links

Capoeira Topazio Australia. With Mestre Formiguinha, currently operating out of Ace Dance Studios Surry Hills.

Ace Dance Studios. Based in Surry Hills, this dance school specialises in street dance styles with the best local and international talent in the each respective scene.

Comedian Michael Workman. Currently one of the biggest names in stand up comedy in Australia.“Equal parts brilliant and bizarre, Michael is one of the most original voices on the scene in years. If Nick Cave did stand-up it would look like this.”
-Will Anderson

North Sydney PCYC. Located on Falcon Street North Sydney. This is the first home of Systema Sydney. Classes are still held here Thursday nights and Saturday days.

Professional Photographer Abe Bastoli. Our Photographer of choice for all Systema Sydney Seminars. Abe also offers a broad range of photographic services including photography for; Fashion, Modelling Porfolios, Actors Headshots, Portraiture, Commercial Services, Products, Weddings and Events.

Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine. Blitz Martial Arts Magazine Australia offers inside tips on BJJ, MMA, karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu, self-defence and Muay Thai.

Qiology with Peter Scarselletti. Acupuncturist, Meridian Therapist and Chinese Herbalist. Peter is also the Director of Qiology, a company that sells health products, provides industry seminars and community based education concerning alternative health. Peter has been recently certified by Mikhail Ryabko to administer the famous Systema Ryabko Russian Stick Massage.

Baby Bonsai Designs- Sterling Silver & Real Flowers. A family operated business specialising in Sterling Silver jewellery with real living flowers. The workshop is based in Mexico where they grow and hand pick all of the little flowers, encapsulating them in resin and Sterling Silver. They consider their work to be very unique and of high artisanal and artistic value. The quality of their products is the best presentation card!

Coogee Massage Clinic is run by Massage Therapist Bruce Scott. Bruce is a life long Martial Artist (one of the arts he studies is of course Systema). The clinic is located at the Living Room Studio, Level 1, 62 Carr St, Coogee, just above Barzura Cafe, in a beautiful location right by Coogee beach. Bruce offers a unique blend of Traditional Thai, Japanese Shiatsu and Trigger point massage. His work as a Therapist is amazing!!!!


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