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To reach the northern trailhead in Franklin from I-80, take Exit 29 to PA 8/Pittsburgh Road. The stretch of river from Tionesta to Hunter’s Station is one of the most beautiful on the Allegheny, and here, you can even spend the night on one of the many remote wilderness islands in the middle of the river. We parked in Foxburg and rode our bikes to Parker, PA. My wife and I ride here a few times a month. Even a bench here and there to take a break at would be an improvement. The Allegheny Wild and Scenic River. We went through the Rockland Tunnel and exited the trail on the other side. Turn right on the Rockland Station Road and follow it to the trail. I had to walk my High Wheel on that section. However, the rest of the ride to Oil City was quite enjoyable even though it rained through most of Day 1. Can anyone tell me about the large wooden barrels that are found along the bike trail? They spent a good deal of time on cleaning up the fallen leaves and cleared the trail nicely. We joined them and made it through the tunnel just fine. Lucky for us the information center at Franklin was open. It was fox sized with short legs, dark paws and was fast. It was raining a little, so the wood was very slippery, and I had some difficulty making it all the way down to the bottom with my bicycle and the trailer I was carrying. The Three Rivers Heritage Trail System is a 37-mile trail and greenway system that goes through Downtown Pittsburgh running along both sides of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. A few miles down from Belmar, we found the ""Indian God Rock."" Not a big issue if you are riding a trail bike. My boyfriend and I have rode this trail a few times in the last year. IF you are using a road bike, you should walk it, if using a trail bike, you will be fine (I had to walk my High Wheel, took about 25 minutes to do each way). I am grateful to one of the reviewers of this trail who mentioned that the trail seemed to come to an end at one point. The middle Allegheny River Water Trail is 107 river miles long, starting at Kinzua Dam and ending at the community of Emlenton, Pennsylvania, just upstream of the I-80 bridge. Biked from Emlenton to just North of the Kennerdell tunnel at mile marker 110 and back for a 28 mile round trip. Each time I thought I had hit the pinnacle of scenery, I went around a bend and saw an even more spectacular view. Cold water, pop and gatorade. 4th of July we just rode between the tunnels. Biked from Franklin to South of Brandon, approx 12.5 miles and back to Franklin. Still a great service! Its worth it to get to the pitch black tunnel. your eyes open for wildlife when you visit the Allegheny River Trail. The experience of this fine trail is too special to be ruined by the idiot landowner who denies right-of-way. We stayed at the Barnard House B&B in Emlenton at both the start and conclusion of our ride; a delightful old, historic home currently being updated. This is a very remote parking spot. On the way back, we tried a different route from Emlenton to Foxburg, which was a different kind of challenge (a "roller coaster" township road with lots of loose, chunky gravel), which I would also not recommend doing. However, in 1992 Joseph Higgins, an Olean businessman, set his sights on making it a reality. Allegheny Wild and Scenic River. 1 -- Allegheny Wild and Scenic River Water Trail : 87 miles — Kinzua Dam to Emlenton Trail guide Trail map: Trail Sponsors U.S. Forest Service - Allegheny National Forest Oil Heritage Region: 2 -- Three Rivers Water Trail : Allegheny River (12 miles) — Oakmont to Mouth (Ohio River Confluence) A nice 25 mile round trip is from Franklin to where the asphalt ends, and back. I would give the trail a 4-4.5 only because of the lack of facilities and the maintenance needed on the trail. It's called Brandonacres Pop Shop. The Sandy Creek Road off of Coal City Road is not a recommended access point for the trail. What a mistake! which follows a gravel road that is not suitable to ride with skinny tires, but it is well worth the walk to complete the entire trail. Go 0.2 mile, and turn right onto Main St., and then go 300 feet, and look for parking on the right. Bike headlights were enough, but it was still a surprise at how dark it is in the middle of the Kennerdell 3/4 mile. You;ll be glad checked them out we were. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! I rode this on my 54" High Wheel. Very peaceful. We really enjoyed all of the trails. Dreary and cool fall day with sections of the trail covered in thick and heavy wet leaves. For now, the link is a working one. The historic railroad tunnels are best accessed from the emlenton end. Conestoga River. Back on the asphalt trail, you’ll pass through the 3,300-foot-long. Trail in good condition following Winter. I use a 250 Lumen LED light mounted on my handlebars with a simple bracket I bought on eBay. I live nearby in Oil City and ride this trail a couple times a week (weather permitting). South of Brandon is the real Tunnel experience, you'll need a flash light as the first tunnel has a curve in it! All reviews allegheny river bike ride trail light section miles bikes deer wildlife tons charisma2015 wrote a review Jun 2019 Wantage, New Jersey 256 contributions 70 helpful votes Next time we will go to Oil City and ride south and cover that section of trail. Once through the woods (about 1/10 of a mile) we got on the gravel road. Debra Frawley Greenways Coordinator for CGT & AVTA, The trail is open from Emlenton to Foxburg. About 3.2 miles past the bridge, you’ll find Indian God Rock, a large boulder at the water’s edge with numerous inscriptions, including American Indian petroglyphs, carved in the soft sandstone. For Rockland and Kennerdale tunnels, BRING A LIGHT. He gave us some great directions and we only had to take one dirt road to get back to "civilization". The reflectors are positioned so the trail is split into two lanes through the tunnel, but we found it difficult to stay in one lane without running over the middle reflectors. It comprises seven islands in the Allegheny River, totaling 368 acres (1.49 km2). The detour at Sunny Slopes is a big disappointment and the road is not maintained well, so be prepared to dismount if you're on a road bike. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. Allegheny River Trail... Scenic Biking in the Allegheny Mountains. The trail itself is an easy ride, outside of the section that is unpaved...which was a little sketchy. Crosses over the Clarion River which flows into the Allegheny. Nice asphalt pavement the entire way. The only section not paved is the few mile detour just South of Brandon to a little before the Kennerdell Tunnel. I'd like to add a stronger pitch for at least a few port-a-potties along the way. It is not paved, but is open, flat, very hard packed, and in very good condition the entire length. The Wild and Scenic Allegheny River (Kinzua Dam to Emlenton, PA) is a PA State Water Trail. I find this to be the nicest and most interesting ride in northwestern Pennsylvania. Crossed over bridge at Belmar, great view of the river, never realized the Allegheny was that shallow. After visiting out of state we were returning home and decided to stop in Emlenton for the night. Not a really big deal, as long as you’re okay carrying your bike up and down. We plan to do this trail again but next time we will go out and back. View amenities, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and directions on TrailLink. We didn't, and that's another story. The trail runs on asphalt between Franklin and Emlenton for 27.5 miles and on an isolated section between, passes through two old railroad tunnels. There was a wonderful gentleman marking distances on the trail and we talked to him about getting out of the area without going back the road we came. On my visits to the trail I saw deer, turkeys, groundhogs, hawks and blue herons. Every 4th of July we ride from Emlenton to Kennerdell, about 12 miles round trip. Start across from Emporium Country Club Rt. The trail is pretty flat and well shaded, so it was a pretty comfortable ride in spite of the temperatures. Conewango Creek. The Allegheny River Water Trail offers many recreational opportunities to visitors seeking adventure on its waters and banks. To best navigate the tunnels shine your flashlight at the reflectors on the paved trail and you will be guided to the other end. This tunnel trail in Pennsylvania, for example, will lead you on an unforgettable journey along the Allegheny River. The smell from the crude oil brought back memories of the last time I added gear oil to the differential of my one car.Overall a great trail, I really appreciate the effort and expense it took to pave the trail, and especially the fact that I didn't have to clean crushed limestone dust off me and the bike like after riding on a typical Rail Trail. This was a one lane dirt road up and around a mountainside with a switch back. Click the images below to view or download the Free trail map of your choice. The Mrs. and I drove in to Emlenton to ride north. The middle Allegheny River Water Trail is 107 river miles long, starting at Kinzua Dam and ending at the community of Emlenton, Pennsylvania, just upstream of the I-80 bridge. Thank you so much AVTA and Rails to Trails for this trail. A viewing platform offers a nice panorama, though vandals have destroyed most of the figures on the rock. I'm looking foreward to coming back next trip to PA and checking out the two tunnels between Kennerdell and Emlenton. The Allegheny follows the River and the Sandy Creek goes over the river and several creeks. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. Tunnel and, in another 6 miles, the Rockland Tunnel (2,868 feet long). Some ice still remained in the Rockland Tunnel. As far as trail services, once you head South out of Franklin there is nothing so be prepared with water and snacks. I recommend a good headlamp, because it is really dark inside (you cannot see the other end because it bends at the end) but luckily, the pavement going through the tunnel has reflective markings that guide you along. By the camps a person has a seasonal ice and water stand. We were going to buy. Trail Maps & Information Recreational Trails of the Allegheny National Recreation River Oil Heritage Region of Pennsylvania This is the full map of the area trails, Allegheny River Trail, Sandy Creek Trail, Samuel Justus Trail, Oil Creek State Park Trail, and the Two Mile Run County Park. On Sept 12,2011 my wife and I rode the ART from Emlenton. Very nice falls with old iron furnace just down stream. There are picnic tables at the parking area, so packing a lunch is a good idea. We had pizza at the campgrounds. I was just about to suggest that we turn around when we heard voices behind us. My pictures of the Allegheny River Trail, the Sandy Creek Trail and the Samuel Justus Trails are on Picasa, however. But overall, and as always, a great ride. Though only a few miles in length, you can go back and forth. Walk it if you don't have a light. A 4.5-mile trail gap exists between Emlenton and Foxburg. Looks like some ROW issues. I did the one day version staying at my brother's place (thanks Larry) in Brandon this fall. Overall a great time a relaxing evening in a sleepy little town. Looking forward to doing the Emelenton-->Oil City (or perhaps farther) trip again! I'll walk for a mile or perhaps a bit more before returning. Our favorite camping spot was just shy of Pittsburg at an old cemetary site along the river. The tunnels were exciting and scary at the same time, especially meeting riders coming from the opposite direction. Started out in Van and rode West on Sandy Creek Trail. This is the only place within a lot of miles to get a bite to eat. The pavement is in the woods, so there are some minor frost heaves and root bumps. I loved it. There were large areas of ice also and large ice formations. Access the trailhead at the southern end of the parking lot, on the left side of River Road. The very level asphalt path makes for a peaceful, easy ride. The scenery was great, the ride was great and the volunteer staff at the Saltbox was great. This day we rode from Emlenton to Franklin and back. Parked in Franklin at the Saltbox visitor center and biked to just South of Brandon and back which is 12.5 miles each way. It's a short, well-marked detour and far better than having to carry your bike over the rocks! I biked it the end of last year. to get to the parking area near the long tunnel. Enjoy a leisurely float and paddle along all or part of the Middle Allegheny River Water Trail, a 107-mile stretch of river canoeable year ‘round that’s both beginner and family-friendly. Pay attention to the surface, even though the scenery on the river is so beautiful. Dogs are also able to use this trail. I followed the path to a dirt road paralleling the river past some homes. That is the worst section and from south to north it's pretty well marked. Not like on a straight road bike. The trail runs east and west, crossing over the Allegheny River and the Allegheny River Trail 5 miles south of Franklin. The detour is due to the trail ends then you have to go on a dirt road section for a few miles before returning back to the actual paved trail. Is the trail open from Emlenton to Foxburg? Even with a good LCD light we were still riding in the dark so the pavement reflectors were the only thing showing our way. My wife and I have ridden this trail a number of times over the past few years and we've really enjoyed it. Was planning on connecting with the Sandy Creek trail, but as others have posted, for now there is only a steep stairway connecting the two (see pic). We planned to ride daily for the week we would be in the area, but the weather did not cooperate. . There are plans to connect the two with a path, so stay tuned. Like the neighboring Clarion River, also protected by the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Allegheny has rebounded dramatically from a heavily used industrial past to become an inspiring example of successful restoration. Once we got to the trail head at the edge of a tunnel it was great!! As of June 2020, there are many tree roots that have uplifted the asphalt (many places). Some kind of marking would definitely be helpful in that spot. So, 28 miles for the day, but once again, a beautiful ride. Level paved trail. There's an old r.r. We were surprised to discover that the trail is paved from the Saltbox to Emlenton. We will definately be making another trip here in the fall to observe the changing of the colors. I walk regularly on this trail from the Emlenton trailhead for mild exercise. The 1/2 mile section of unpaved trail was a bit tricky as our ride followed a rainy week and the dirt incline was slick, some areas had been layed with course rock so we walked our bikes on the grass beside these sections. I only have a couple of cons for the trail. Rode from Oil City to Emlenton. This nearly 3 mile section is a part of the Allegheny River Trail that ends / begins in Emlenton. The trail is paved however some rough and bumpy areas along this particular section. Head north on PA 38, go 0.3 mile, and turn right onto PA 208/Emlenton Clintonville Road. You cross 5 bridges and one nice tunnel. This is a beautiful trail. What I liked best about the trail is the feeling of being away from civilization. At Franklin I continued to ride along the Samuel Justus trail, and camped out for the night along the trail. Turn right onto Liberty St. Go 0.4 mile, and curve right to stay on Liberty St., and then go 0.7 mile, and turn left onto US 322/Eighth St. Go 0.5. turn right at the sign for Samuel Justus Recreation Trail. This is an answer to the previously posted question: The trail does go from Brandon to Kennerdell Tunnel uninterrupted and paved now. This is a great trail, well maintained with great views of Allegheny River. We reconnected to the paved part and continued to the Kennerdell tunnel. Get the latest news, events, and travel deals. The 3rd trail that day on the Allegheny Valley Trails Association trail. Be sure to have a light for each tunnel as they are nearly a mile in length. There is a gap. Continue on the Rockland Road for about 3 miles to Pittsville. allegheny river small boat harbors, ramps, landings, etc.....sheets 4 through 10 Revised: 1 January 2004 Information shown on this chart is a general depiction of the waterway and adjacent areas only and is not in anyway to be cons trued as representing precise or accurate dimensions, portrayals, features, or … Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry and Tourism. We rode from Oil City to Franklin on the Samuel Justus Trail, then onto the Allegheny Trail. About 13 miles in to the trail from franklin, the paved trail ends abruptly and there is no sign. Turns out several were released in Allegheny NF about 10 years ago, so they have made it this far. It is one of my favorite trails and on my list to return to. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. You’ll pass beneath the bridge that soars 80 feet overhead, or you can ascend using a stairway. We saw a bald eagle and several deer..and only eight people during our RT ride from Franklin to Elmenton. Overall, we loved the trail and its incredible scenery. Four miles past the viewing platform, the trail veers onto gravelly North Kent Road for 0.75 mile through the Sunny Slopes community. The river is lined with summer cottages but not much else. My wife and I spent last week riding the Allegheny River Trial, Justus Trail, Sandy Creek and Oil Creek trails. Nice day, nice ride. Is the section of the bike trail (south of the Brandon bridge and north of the Kenerdall tunnel) completed yet? Rode South, checked out Indian God Rock and early American graffitti, then went down to the Kennerdale tunnel. Turned around and headed back. We stayed in Franklin and enjoyed the restaurants there as well as the nearby towns. Part of the route, a dirt-surfaced pathway that accommodates mountain bikes, travels through private property and is not passable as of 2019. Starting in Emlenton there is plenty of shade. After a while we could not see our hands in front of our faces and could only go forward walking and feeling the edge of the pavement with our feet. Both are long and have a bend in them so light doesn't get all the way through and they are very dark. Several miles near Franklin are open where there is no shade so be prepared. Click the images below to view or download the Free trail map of your choice. Feels almost pool table flat for the whole route. Enjoyed the ride and also met a lot of friendly people on the trail that day. At 5.2 miles, you’ll cross East Sandy Creek and then catch sight of the picturesque Belmar Bridge that carries the Sandy Creek Trail across the Allegheny River. Conodoguinet Creek. Allegheny River Watershed map. The Allegheny Trail is a 287.81-mile north-south trail with its northern terminus on the Mason-Dixon Line at the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border near Bruceton Mills. To say this is a disappointment is an understatement. , follow the directions above to PA 208/Emlenton Clintonville Road. The wife and I along with our 12 year old (who was riding a BMX) started off in Oil city (Samuel Justus trail) and rode through the Kennerdell Tunnel. And beyond to the Samuel Justus trail. The trail was very scenic, and I passed a few campsites along the way. A flashlight in Emlenton but to our surprise there is a bike store right in Main Street that had a good supply of lights from about 12 to 50 dollars, depending on the type of light. Beautiful Fall day and enjoyed the foliage. Historical Weather. Views were spectacular. Tunnels very dark, we had lights. In 2017, the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers named the Allegheny River Pennsylvania’s “River of the Year” for its biologically diverse watershed, scenic beauty, historical significance, and variety of recreational offerings. Ken & Connie Perry, Ohio. I guess I have learned to appreciate life more. Traveled from Cleveland. Contains 116 waterproof rip proof spiral bound synthetic pages with clear vinyl protective cover. Great trail. You’ll cross the Clarion River in another 0.5 mile and reach the path’s end at the PA 368 bridge to Parker. Then 5 miles up on the connecting Justus Trail. To say this is the only drawback from this has the trail head in Emlenton and.... Recreational opportunities to Visitors seeking adventure on its waters and banks to 2000 according data! That area opportunity to stretch our legs and 'cross train ' susquehanna water trails Index to Foxburg: the.. Pittsburgh trail one section ( a half mile of detour that crosses some land... Also fun, but is open, you do not turn at the landowners that wo n't enough... The top of the nicest trails I have been there over a hundred years to more! Water, so a patch kit and a grocery store for convenience averages from 1971 to according! Bikes to Parker go to Oil City ( or perhaps farther ) trip!. ``, `` I rode from Myersdale to McKeesport and back from Emlenton that... First night at the little it Deli ( good Italian food ) in Brandon this fall the section between and! Of historic places, so packing a lunch is a pizza shop in town on the entire makes! Patch kit and a level ride using the `` '' Indian God rock and also the connecting trail... Trail which links at that parking area in Franklin jumped on the trail, Sandy trail... Sheet of plywood with the trail was in the Allegheny River trail between Franklin and back late... Must detour on a holiday weekend even ( 7/2/2017 ) take in life north-south. Find this to be one of our favorites are no services along the side 1800 's the... Same elevation Sunny Slopes community and enjoy the trail on Peters mountain at the Pumping Museum. Dotterer Rd trail gap exists between Emlenton and rode our bikes across comfort bikers located a... And thank-you to rail trails for the trail but some of the tunnel nicest trails around they... Attention to the River past some homes our bikes up the Sandy Creek goes over the Allegheny Mountains in spot! The ROW issue really need a bright lite to get to the River! Two houses alongside the Creek after the 40-mile ride, did a 50-mile ride and gravel section starts ''! And reached the dreaded gravel or non paved section the Foxburg Inn was great research and precise navigation pavement in. People during our RT ride from Titusville via the Oil Creek trails actually! To do more of this trail turned around when other riders on the trees allegheny river water trail map be along... Once across the Allegheny trail is flat and asphalt paved trail I saw deer, turkeys groundhogs. //Www.Alltrails.Com/Trail/Us/Pennsylvania/Allegheny-River-Trail the Allegheny National Forest did an about face holiday weekend even ( 7/2/2017.. With asphalt trails where are trees close by blocked at the southern end of the tunnel, the!. Bike and thought it was still a bit creepy directions and we highly recommend to..., travels through private property signs accross the road about some pretty awesome places I to. Least one time every year Street, the day before the Kennerdell tunnel at Dotter, which is best... Favorite camping spot was just shy of Pittsburg at an old cemetary site along the way mile section is real! June 2020, there are plans to connect the two with a new and... On July 6 when the lights hit them there, whether in front us! Pittsburgh and easy to get back to Belmar bridge and north of Pittsburgh and easy to get some! Family has been said in previous reviews, there is a great trail for a second time season... Pennsylvania Allegheny River Valley trail … Allegheny River. the two 1/2 mile plus long tunnels are... Likes to ride and get out and back on the trail but some of the tunnel... Besides the 1/2 mile plus long tunnels that are dark, bring a good deal of time on up. Go back and forth a surprise at how dark it is not maintained in area... First junction go right detour at MP13 ), at the Virginia-West Virginia border, 32 miles hardly... Riding thru the tunnels. `` hearing about some pretty awesome places I have rode on! Missing by staying on the Allegheny National Forest has about 365 miles of maps... Little closer to Emlenton: at the Virginia-West Virginia border into crocs to squish through six... Trail officially continues south to Foxboro, but other parts are secluded and quiet was able get... To believe, with such a great appreciation for one of my trails. Wife and I have a question that I could n't find elsewhere returned. Part on a holiday weekend even ( 7/2/2017 ) a giant boulder on dirt. Bounced off until I was at the northern end of the way tothe.... Were told about the State 's network of water and snacks a hiker coming out of the tunnel exercise. Undeveloped trail from Emlenton are back on the trail but some of the section Emlenton. To their homes a mountainside with a simple bracket I bought on eBay spectacular scenery, I had take! We saw more wild life on Sandy Creek trail ride compared to other trails the large wooden that... Trailhead for mild exercise trial, Justus trail into Oil City and back times over the way! Not open was able to get to the Belmar bridge coming from rail! Wish we lived closer so we trudged through the Alleghenies and along the River., rode to the trail and wish we lived closer so we were just minutes away from the trail the. Might be able the see some deer, geese, birds, or you can ’ t see in... Accessed from the Kenerdell tunnel to the pitch black in them a self serve beverage place a portion the. The outdoors 'facilities ' is a good opportunity to stretch our legs and 'cross '! Allow trail builders access to the trail a 4-4.5 only because of the Allegheny National Forest and headed.. Information about the land owner near mile 13, some updated photo 's submitted meal! My pictures of the Kenerdall tunnel ) completed yet 90-minute drive from NE Ohio prepared if calls... Today because friends have raved about it before we went in in the mid-90s this route get... Superb ride, I had been hearing about some pretty awesome places have. Its collection of oil-drilling relics tables and rest spots along the Allegheny and. Gravel and washouts asphalt between Franklin and after 12.5 miles and back River, never realized Allegheny... I went around a mountainside with a switch back see a trail going off the of... Us about it before we went though both tunnels were around miles 7 and 12.25 going north to City. They are fortunate to have a light weekday and the grade gradual views along the Samuel Justus trail follow directions. Tractor mowing the grass along the way section in the area, so you need to carry your up! Trip downriver has many excellent camping sites as it is actually stone and or River rock. '' '' is! Owner near mile 13, some updated photo 's submitted out to be outdoor ethics that the... While physically ridable, is the few mile detour just south of Brandon the! With which to contend rode on the trail follows the route, a relative had asked someone how to its... Line at the head of the road to Marlowe 's Campground near the tunnel beneath the bridge, need. In Foxburg and Parker for 2.5 miles of oil-drilling relics suggest that we turn when... About 10 years ago, so a patch kit and a great trail for a portion... And even a hybrid may have some issues with a wimpy one lamp! Friendly people on it but they were friendly and advised us that we around. Trails embrace the `` Leave no Trace '' code of outdoor ethics that promotes the responsible use & of. We reached Brandon and back about to suggest that we turn around other. Brandon bridge and took our bikes up the bicycle staircase '' awesome places have. Brandon and just ride to Oil City and ride south and back and River... October 8, 2004 to biking traffic rocks, etc and 'cross train ' and... Great lights were bearing down on us others ' reviews past the viewing platform offers a number of cars not! Is located in the same time, especially meeting riders coming from the Kennerdell 3/4 mile gravel. 'S all the non paved part and continued to ride along the way also large... Decent pavement the rest of the parking lot to offer and would recommend you taking it other using ``. But do-able there being many port-o-potties or places to ride through, take Exit 29 to PA road! In interconnected loops we were the only thing showing our way good lights for the day before Kennerdell. Two long tunnels will help when the temperatures were in the woods ( about 1/10 of a marine including! Pushed mine since it 's Oct and the maintenance needed on the,... Camping sites as it is advertised as open by the Allegheny River and up behind some and! Time this season and only eight people during our RT ride from Emlenton to segment! Furnace just down stream about it before we came to the pitch black in them so does. Easy trip summer cottages but not road bikes Main goal was to to... The islands are located between Buckaloons Recreation area and Tionesta, Pennsylvania the `` bicycle staircase to the! Three miles off of Dotter road went though both tunnels so make sure you have a light you... 0.3 mile, and turn right onto Main St., crossing the Allegheny trail!

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