Coming Soon Systema Sydney Health and Breathing Class

Coming Soon

Systema Sydney will be offering Health and Breathing classes for people who are interested in this aspect of the System.

This class will bring great benefits to people of all ages. From theses classes you will learn how to assess and diagnose various areas of tension and stresses in your body and within your internal condition. You will also begin to rejuvenate the body and psyche.

Stress Management
Stress is unavoidable in day to day life. But when stress is not managed properly, all kinds of tensions begin to accumulate within our bodies and psyches that will affect us negatively. In this class we will start to learn how to deal with our stress and emotions using Systema breathing. The various exercises done in the class give a little pressure to the crucial systems of our body the circulatory system and the nervous system. You will then start to become skilled at how to deal with, and control this strain with breathing. So with this knowledge, you can start to discover how to manage and control your daily stress, nervous tension, and anxieties in the same way, by way of breathing.

Rejuvenation of Your Body and Psyche
Our bodies have areas of tension and restriction, which in turn causes poor blood circulation to these areas. Due to these limitations, these areas begin to become stagnant, they start to die. These various stagnation’s in our bodies highly increase the risk of injury and disease to all the affected areas! Also, too much constant tension will make us fall pray to high blood pressure, and in many cases high blood pressure is caused by too much tension in the body and the psyche.

The goal of these classes is to rejuvenate all these dead areas and to restore blood circulation to all the stagnant areas which will improve our overall health. Also we learn how to renovate and revitalize our internal organs, which over time don’t function as they should because of excessive strain. A lot of our strain comes from our psychological condition. So when we are tense psychologically, this pressure transmits to our bodies and our internal organs, and this tension just sits there. So when we start to repair and loosen up all these areas of tension, which is done by Systema exercises and massage, combined with breathing we start to loosen up, and in a way invigorate and restore our psychological condition. So we will teach you to relax your psyche through your body.

If you are interested please feel free to call 0435349503 or e-mail us at [email protected] to enquire

If you would like to learn more about Systema as a health practice and as an overall art for living, please please watch the following clip by UK Systema Instructor Matt Hill:

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