New Fee Structure and Classes to Continue in my Absence

New Fee Structure starting this July

With the start of the new financial year we are adopting a new fee structure at the club as of 1 July 2013. Both the initial free trial class and the option to pay $20 per class are to be phased out.

As of 1 July 2013 the new fee structure is as follows:

  • INITAL TRIAL OFFER – $30 to attend unlimited classes for 2 weeks (conditions apply). The free trial class is to be phased out. This extended time gives people a better chance to understand what training in Systema involves.
  • Casual Passes remain at $160 for 10 classes, whilst the option to pay $20 per class will be phased out. This works out more affordable for everyone, and minimises the need to have cash constantly flying around.
  • Monthly payment packages remain in place and can be arranged with me depending on how frequently people wish to train.
  • The fortnightly fundamentals classes on Saturday is to continue but now is free of charge to all members of the club.

Classes to continue in my Absence

Due to the need for continued professional development, at Martin Wheeler’s Master Class in Melbourne and also the Mastering Systema seminar series in Toronto, I will be out of town on the following dates:

  • 3 July 2013 returning 8 July 2013 – I will be attending the 4 day Master Class in Melbourne with Senior Systema Instructor Martin Wheeler.
  • 19 July 2013 returning 2 September 2013 – I will be away on a training trip/vacation to train with Vladimir Vasiliev and his senior Instructors at the Mastering Systema Seminar Series at Systema HQ in Toronto.

In my absence classes will continue as per normal. I will be leaving my senior students in charge:

  • Richard Fowler
  • Go Kurata
  • Oliver Boudib

These gentleman have put in a lot of hard and good quality work since they arrived with us and are more than capable of teaching the classes. They have been educated in depth in the principles of the System, and each bring their own unique perspective on how to help people develop.

If there are any questions call me on 0433 219 761 or e-mail [email protected]


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