David Quaile’s next Systema Seminar in Sydney 27 &28 April 2013

David Quaile Sydney Seminar 27 & 28 April 2013

We are now only 3 weeks away from David’s return to Sydney. This will be another excellent 2×6 hours days of training with one of the best that we have on our shores. For more info check out our upcoming seminars page by clicking here.

As we are now passed the specified date for the early bird special the price is now $225 for both days. For anyone who attended the recent Daniil Ryabko Workshop, the price for this seminar will remain at $130 consistent with the package offer.

Daniil Ryabko and David Quaile Seminar Offer 2013

During the Saturday 27 April 2013 regular Systema class at the North Sydney PCYC will be cancelled. However for students who show up regularly for Saturdays class and wish to train that day, contact me on 0433 219 761 or approach me during class for an in house deal regarding the Saturday component of the seminar.

If you are curious about what to expect from one of David’s seminars feel free to have a read of a previous review I wrote up following Dave’s last seminar in Sydney during July of 2012:

David Quaile Systema Seminar Sydney 14&15 July 2012



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