Classes in both North Sydney and the City
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What are the Benefits of Systema?

    • Acquire practical and effective self defence skills to protect you, your family, your friends, and those in need
    • Overcome fears
    • Increase your fitness and body awareness
    • Improve your self confidence and have some fun
    • Increase your focus and mental discipline
    • Relax, even in highly stressful situations

Systema [aka: СИСТЕϺА – Russian Martial Art] is a hand-to-hand fighting system, that includes groundwork, wrestling, striking, defense against weapons and multiple attackers.  Systema is not only a martial art but also a holistic wellness system which will benefit the body, mind and spirit. Systema is something that can benefit people of all ages, genders, sporting backgrounds, and occupations.

It truly is a people’s System

Call Justin on 0433 219 761  to arrange your 2 week Systema trial

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